Questions about Web Space

I have been writing again for the first time in a couple years. I now would like a place to post them. I used to have some a Tripod site but they are so ummm picky about content and don’t allow images to be linked from other places.

So I am wondering WHOM Is a good choice for:

  1. inexpensive

  2. fairly easy to operate for a computer klutz:D

Any suggestions? – been with them around 5 years, inexpensive, great uptime, and generally treat you well as long as you do the same. Packages start at $10 a month, I believe, and you get quite a bit for that. – if money is an issue. I don’t know anything about these guys other than they’re free.

Why not post them on the web site your ISP gives you for free? Most likely, your Internet-access account, even if only a lowly dialup, gives you a few megabytes of free web space. As long as you don’t exceed some generous maximums (data transmission per month, total storage space used), you have no additional costs. And if your files are text only, they should be very compact compared to image-oriented ones.

Good Luck!