Questions for Asatruar

Now, Asatruar, as far as I understand things, purport to be continuing the same ancient religion practiced by northern Germanics before they converted to Christianity. I do have some questions, mostly out of idle curiousity.

1: What is the fate of those who die peacefully? I admit that my understanding of the concept of afterlife is only from my readings of the Eddas in English translation. Is it actually believed that all those who do not die in battle are doomed to a shadowy and unhappy existence in Hel’s realm?

2: What is the place of blood sacrifice? Blood sacrifice had an important place in the original practice of the religion–and it made sense in the context of that religion. Life is valuable, thus one gives it over to the Aesir as part of worship. Is death/blood sacrifice still done? If not, how is this omission rationalized? I’ll presume that human sacrifice is not done.

I’m surprised. I’d have thought that there’d be at least one adherent of Asatru on SD.