Questions on wireless cable

I just bought an old house, and I do not want to mess around with drilling through my floors and plaster walls in order to run cable to my second and third floors. My Google search turned up a lot of hits for the wireless transmission of cable to homes, but I’m interested in wireless inside my home; the coax to the first floor is fine. What I want is a way to send the entire cable signal wirelessly throughout my house.

So does such a beast exist? Is it even possible?

This is probably a pretty useless answer, but I’m pretty sure there are devices that will allow you transmit cable signals over your phone line.

My friend has his home computers networked over the phone lines. They don’t actually use the phone lines as, well, telephone lines, but as electrical cable.

I hope that makes sense…

Ah, wireless cable. Add that one to the list right after ‘military intelligence’ and ‘jumbo shrimp.’

Sorry. Have you thought of running cable on the outside of your house to your upper floors?

When you say “cable” are you talking about TV or Internet? In either case, this is as mainstream as it gets. You can get a multitude of wireless LAN systems with an internet gateway on the router for your computer. Most better new notebook computers even have wireless built in.

There are several readily available TV products that will take an input signal and locally broadcast it to any number of receivers within the house. You will of course, be stuck with a single cable “box” tuner unless you get one of the multiple channel models. Satellite systems come with an option for multiple tuners and wireless transmission. If you have a normal cable TV system and you would like to just split that wirelessly, I think you may have a problem.

Here is a device that will transmit an A/V channel:

My advise is, if it’s Internet you want, visit Best Buy and look at Linksys. If it’s TV you want, get out the drill and saw (and patching plaster). It’s not that hard.