Questions only you would ask.

I often get hit with the response that no one alse but me would have wondered about such a thing or aspect of something. Never anything inappropriate or prying but always about an aspect no one alse seems to be interested in.

  I got hit with it again today but I thought my question would have been quite common. A couple just returned from a 60 day roadtrip pulling a camp trailer. I asked if they had projected gasoline and roadtrip costs ahead of time and if so how close were they to thier projections. She happily told me the whole story of planning and estimated costs and actual expenses but was surprised that anyone would ask about that? Normal question or not? Your experience with same.

“Ever done time?”

When a stranger (male or female) approaches and is sure that we’ve met, it’s a question I ask with a dead-eye scowl. I’ve seriously creeped a few people out, and no longer ask the question if my gf is with me.

(Never had anything more serious than a speeding ticket)

Oh, that is good. May I use it also??? :smiley:

When on the small boat docks on the West coast, if I see a sailboat with Eastern US registration numbers or flying a European flag, I will look them up if I can and ask them what they thought of the Panama Canal?

Only had one come up with the impressive answer of, “Don’t know, I have not been through it yet.”

He was my kind of sailor…

Not a surprising question to me at all. Logistics and all. The devil is in the details. And we know the devil has the most fun.

Heh. I’m a Sherpa for my wifes Ironman races (I know I bring this up too much). I’m interested in details and logistics. Fun can happen from planning and getting things right, and often, pure happenstance. The ride in the handbasket happens when you haven’t done a bit of planning and prep.

Is it edible?

At a small company I worked at, we had a representative from our benefits company come in to tell us about the medical/dental insurance coverage we all had. Someone asked if their was a vision benefit, and did it cover glasses. Someone else asked if it covered contacts. Yes, we were told, but only one or the other, glasses or contacts. So I asked…

“How about one contact lens and a monocle?”

Apparently, it had never come up before.

Some friends of mine had come back from a trip to England where they’d been to Wimbledon, and also to whatever show was hot in the theaters, and John Major had been at the theater as well, and the question I asked was “Which theater?” Apparently only I would ask that.

My other favorite is when asked where someone might know me from: “I don’t know, do you watch a lot of porn?”

Brightened my day.

I’m a dog person. Always have been. So occasionally when someone tells me they’ve been on a long trip or out of the country I’ll ask how their dog dealt with that. I’ve been told repeatedly that I’m the only one who would ask such a question. Makes sense to me, though. I’ve always had dogs, I’ve done a lot of traveling, and I’ve dealt with dogs who had issues because of my long absence.

It’s all a matter of one’s perspective.