Questions that should be on the IQ test

Hi. I wanted to know who decides what questions are included on an online Intelligence Quocient Test. (aside from spelling lol :smiley: )

I understand speed is a factor when answering.

:slight_smile: I took one such test 6 months ago and it said I had a 167, then I received an email asking me to purchase this “report” for $15.00. Like, what is going on? :confused: :confused: Are they just trying to sell paper, or what? how did they come up with that ULTRA HIGH number?

Anywhoo, i’m not willing to shell out $$$ for bragging rights.

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Which is what leads me to this post… ;j

What questions should be included in an IQ test (that may or may not be on such a test already) ???

:wally As for me, i think this question is it:
How many colors are there in a rainbow?

A: 5
B: 6
C: 7
8: 9

Other possible questions?

**What is the average of 5, 20, 25, 50?

The world is split into 4 parts. What is this part called?

If you have 7 socks, how many pairs is that?**

But you can be hillarious too…

*If you eat beans, what comes out yer bum?

T/F A mullet is a sea creature.

Two wrongs don’t make a right, but what do three rights make?*
Get creative folks! :smiley: