Questions you'd ask an Apollo moonwalker?

What was the most beautiful, breathtaking scenery you saw on your mission?

Frisco, I’m looking forward to your sharing with us after the dinner. Thanks!

What do Moon rocks smell like? Feel like?

“Were you warned to steady the flag as you installed it?”

Can the space shuttle take off from a vertical treadmill?

Some good ideas here. Thanks, and keep ’ em coming please! My dinner is a bit away still, but I will come back with a report on any of these questions I’m able to ask.

Would you do it again, if offered the chance?

I just want to say how envious I am, and it’s a great idea to prep for this unique encounter.

These guys aren’t just pilots. They’re whip-smart, multiple degree bearing geniuses, so don’t embarass us. :smiley:

What percentage of astronauts really like Tang?

Which are you more jealous of: Neil Armstrong being first on the moon or Buzz Aldrin getting to deck Bart Sibrel?

If it helps spawn ideas, the astronaut I’m scheduled to dine with is Charlie Duke. So in addition to moonwalking on Apollo 16 he also was capcom on Apollo 11 (“You’ve got a bunch of guys about to turn blue down here”) and Ken Mattingly’s “Typhoid Mary” for Apollo 13. I’m pretty geeked out.

From Wikipedia:

I’d be interested to know just what was going through his mind at that point!

How strong was the temptation to “moon” the earth from the moon?
(Yes, I know the suits would not accommodate this)

Ask what his favourite question has been, and his least favourite…meta!

“Are you gonna finish that?”

“Have you ever been back to that soundstage in Nevada?”

(Then duck, in case Charlie’s been taking lessons from Buzz) :smiley:

This thread sucks. I want to read the answers, dammit! :mad:

Do you perhaps have a newsletter?

I was thinking I would ask if he met any big time Hollywood stars while on the soundstage. Everyone I visit Kennedy Space cEnter I always ask some employee, as straight faced as I can manage, where might I find the building with the soundstage in it? When they just stare at me I say, I know they’re watching, blink twice if it is in that building (whispering for effect). It is amazing to see the reactions, some laugh with you, but others get all ruffled up to where you think they are going to start telling. Good times, good times.:smiley:

What made NASA as an organization special then?

The three people whom you think Apollo couldn’t have made it to the moon without?

How/were you able to reconnect with wife (most astronauts no longer married to the same woman as they were doing Apollo days) and/or kids once you came back to Earth?

Are giant steps what you take?

Did you hope your legs don’t break?

Do you prefer oysters, or snails?