Quick dual monitor question...

I have my laptop running to my TV via VGA…I’d like to run World of Warcraft on the TV and other stuff on the laptop screen. Is there a way to “lock” my mouse in the Warcraft screen though? It’s nearly impossible to move around since my mouse always moves from the warcraft screen to my laptop screen.



I assume you’re running Windows, and Windows itself won’t do it. There may be some utility out there that will do it (what make/model video card may provide us with a starting point)

As far as I know there isn’t anything that will let you do it. But I stopped running dual screen a long time ago.

Just set your video driver to clone mode. This mirrors the same thing on both screens.

I have an nVidia GeForce Go 7400 running on a dell XPS M1210 laptop.

Terminus: I tried that using the supplied nVidia Control Panel software as well as the built in windows interface…My laptop’s native display is 1280/800 where as my DLP TV’s native is 1280/720. i’d be ok cloning both at the 1280/800 resolution as the DLP would only be used to display games…but the nVidia forces both displays to 1280/720 and that just skews things too much on my laptop for non-gaming purposes.

<rant>it just seems like dual monitoring is more complex than it needs to be…all I want is the the same freaking image on 2 displays at the same time with their proper resolutions.</rant>

Doesn’t WoW allow you to set the game resolution independently of the desktop resolution?

Technically, yes. But 1280/800 or 1280/720 isn’t available within WoW when I have WoW displayed on my DLP…What’s weird is that last night it WAS displaying 1280/720 just fine…but today it won’t (before bed last night i set my laptop display back to 1280/800 and disabled the DLP in the windows display properties. But when I go back to JUST my laptop display and run WoW again 1280/800 and 1280/720 show up and work just fine.

You can do what you want with Ultramon, a utility that lets you do some cool stuff with multiple monitors.

Ultramon lets you ignore a monitor, and once you do this, the mouse will only work on the non-ignored monitor. Then, when you’re finished with your game, a few clicks lets you bring both monitors back online.

There are also a bunch of other handy features. It’s $40, but a good investment for people running multiple monitors.

I’ve got a few program recommendations for you that may help. I’ve used ShiftWindow, but not UltraMon. I’ve heard great things about UltraMon, but don’t use it for my dual setup. I use the nVidia dualview.



I used ultamon as well.

My solution is to set a hotkey to 'lock mouse to window".

This has the added benefit of being automatically disabled when you close the window or alt tab out of it.

Ultamon works great, thanks! Took me a bit to figure it out though :slight_smile: