Quick!! I've got to play three Basketball games back to back tonite - Preperation??

Starting in two hours I’ll have to play in three b-ball games back to back to back.
We lost last week and are in the loosers bracket even though we are the favored team, now we have to play out of the bracket and into the winners bracket, likely three games.
Game times; 5:30, 6:30, 7:30. 18 minute halves with a five minute halftime. 108 minutes of full court basketball in the course of three hours.

What can I do to prepare for such a deluge of physical activity and what can I do between games to help maintain stamina?

water, energy bars, few pairs of socks

Drink plenty of water in order to stay hydrated. Most people know this but they tend to be forgetful and dehydration leads to cramps and other unpleasantness.

Do not eat too much food. You should have some food in you so that your body stays energized but tonight is not the night to test out the new all you can eat buffet down the street.

Stretch before and after all of your games. This should keep you loose for most of the time.

Between games it is always good to walk around a little bit. If the gym is on the colder side then wearing pants is recommended. This just keeps the blood flowing and, once again, helps to prevent nasty cramps.

Have fun and Good Luck! :slight_smile:

Your chances for some nice playoff action sound pretty good to me.

Take water in during the games but more importantly start taking on water now. Don’t gulp it down but a steady sipping.

Don’t bother with the warmup after game 1. Stretch and conserve your energy. I’ve been in some marathon hockey tournaments and am always surprised at how many guys feel they need a warmup after already playing three game shrug
Fruit is good if you have it. Bananas. Good potassium source. If the guy on the radio isn’t lying, then potatoes are good too having considerably more potassium than bananas.

Do you have any backup players?
If you do, be sure to rotate as much as possible.
Also, Gatorade. (in addition to water and the rest.)

Thanks all for the input!!
I didn’t have any hydration issues, I started drinking water early in the day and kept up the pace till game time(s). I went home first and had a bowl of oatmeal and raisins, a banana and an energy bar and some more eater.
Legs were a little tired after the second game but we had eight guys so rotating wasn’t much of a problem except there were times when I only got a couple minutes rest on the bench (we’ve got some heavy air suckers on the team).
We ended up loosing by five in the final game. A three pointer with fifteen seconds to go (when we went into a full court press - successfully) bounced on the rim a couple of times and ended up in the hands of the other guys. We fouled them and they made their throws.
Oh well, we took second place and are looking forward to next year.