Quick networking?-- windows CE and XP

We have a client who has wired a data network in her home, and we are about to install a Linksys WL router. She will have a laptop running XP, as well as 8 hardwired locations that may or may not have an active computer, but will be running XP.

She wishes to add an under the counter PC/DVD/TV box. The one I have found that she likes has Windows CE for an OS. Will there be any issues networking this device to XP devices? This device will be hardwired onto the network.

I’ve helped two different customers set up Win CE handheld devices, and had no problem getting them to talk to the standard windows network. We were able to browse the network, access the internet through the shared DSL connection, copy files to and from Win XP and Win 2k machines, etc.

So I would say it shouldn’t be a problem, but as always it’s good to CYA. Check with the manufacturer and ask them to be 100% sure.