Quick question about the Edit function...

I went into a thread (as opposed to having it already open in another tab or window) and saw that the Edit button was still present in one of my posts. I clicked it fine, and used it. But when I saved my changes, I was told my time had expired.

Does that mean that if the 5 minutes runs out WHILE I’m editing a post, that my changes won’t go through and I’m SOL? Or was the continued appearance of the button in my post an error in the first place?

I imagine the clock’s ticking even when you click the edit button. Otherwise some nefarious posters could just post something, click the edit button and have all day to change their post.

The edit button will appear as soon as the page is rendered on your screen. It doesn’t go away just because the time has expired. I don’t know if it checks to see if the time has expired when you click the edit button; since you haven’t yet attempted to write to the data base it doesn’t need to verify if you have permission. The only time it must verifty the time is when you submit the change. At that point if the system time is more then 5:00 after the initial submit time the change is not allowed.

There are lots of ways you can have the edit or submit button on the screen when you aren’t allowed to do so. But you won’t be able to submit once the 5:00 window has passed regardless of how you got there.

What they said. It’s 5 minutes, period.

I tried keeping the edit button live (in ATMB) by posting a change every 3 minutes. Didn’t work. I was locked out 5 minutes after the original post. Once that clock starts ticking, it keeps ticking.

I thought the continued appearance of the edit button past the 5:00 minute mark was because the window had not refreshed, even though the realtime clock had wound down.

Is that true?

When you refresh the page anytime after 5 minutes, it’s gone. And so’s your chance.

It’s pretty merciless that way. Sorry.

Yes, the screen doesn’t update automatically.

If the page is rendered when the 5 minute mark hasn’t passed, the edit button will show up. If the page is rendered after the 5 minute mark has passed, the edit button won’t show up. If the page is rendered exactly at the 5 minute mark, it will cause full positronic reversal.