quick reply / unexpected logout bug

In case y’all wanted to know about it, I’ve seen this problem twice now when attempting to post using the quick reply box:

I’m logged in, reading threads and I see one I want to respond to, so I take my time and compose a masterpiece of a post in the quick reply box, then I hit submit and I’m prompted with the login screen. After the login screen, I get an error saying something to the effect that I’m trying to access an invalid thread ID. If I hit back, I can get back to the quick reply box, but my thoughtfully-crafted post is gone forever, so I’m forced to replace it with something idiotic (as I don’t have the energy to make another masterpiece). Note that this time, submitting the quick reply box actually submits my post.

And that’s my excuse for not having more brilliant posts.

In the technical issues FAQ (a sticky thread in ATMB), Gaudere has described the bug about the login not working from the Quick Reply Box. Please read that the technical issues FAQ.
If you are being unexpectedly logged off, the problem is on the client side, not the server side. Please read the sticky thread in ATMB about being logged off unexpectedly.

Yes, I read the technical issues FAQ right before I submitted the post, and Gaudere’s talking about something different. Using the login fields on the quick reply box doesn’t work, according to Gaudere. I’m trying to give you information about what happens when you get unexpectedly logged out while submitting the quick reply form.

I’ve also read the FAQ about the unexpected logouts and the recommended fix has not helped the problem. I understand that it’s a client-side issue.

I see. Well, the behaviour you describe is exactly what happens when you try to use the quick reply box and sign in at the same time, by filling in the login information under the quick reply box.