Why can't I directly post a reply?

I keep thinking I’m doing something wrong, but maybe not?

I’ll read a thread without logging in. At the end of the thread I’m given the opportunity to reply, and login simultaneously. This never works for me. Invariably, the board tells me that I’m not logged in and I’m given the standard login screen at that point. My post is now vapor. If I log in at the screen I’m now presented with, I’m then told that I didn’t select a forum…but if I attempt to select a forum, I’m taken directly to the forum and my login is nullified.

Am I being a dolt, or is this a glitch?? If someone can correct me, great…otherwise, it’s quite annoying.

  • Dirk

From the FAQ Sticky at the top of ATMB:


:smack: Thanks, Joey G, I looked at the FAQ but somehow missed that one…maybe because it referenced it as a “quick reply” and I didn’t recognize that for some reason.

Thanks again!