Quick! Someone help me decipher this note to self

I have a little home-based business making custom leather dog equipment. A cow-orker of mine asked me to make a harness for her little dog, a boston terrier. I took his measurements scribbled on a scrap of paper, which I proceeded to stick in my pocket. The ever-helpful Mr. Armadillo did laundry yesterday and did not check pockets before sending them through the washer and dryer. I had intended to do the piece today, as well as three other custom orders which need to be addressed.
Did I mention I have the beginnings of a splitting migraine? Yeah. So I want to get some serious work done before I can’t see straight.

Anyway, here’s the note:
Neck 13 in girth 19 (perfectly clear)
top 3 ^//- + 1/2 -8 (wtf?)

Keep in mind it’s been through the washer and dryer, so some of it’s missing. Anyone have a clue what that second line says? :wink:

I think we need a scan of the note. What might appear to you as ^ / / - + might just be something else.

I agree. We’d need to visually see this.

This probably won’t help you, but it should only take a few minutes, and it’s with a try.

Inks are a mixture of different chemicals, which differ in spectrum, water solubility and paper binding.

If you have a scanner and a program like Photshop, scan the list and then do channel splits by HSL, CMY, RGB, or any other options you may have. You may find that the text is more legible in one of the channels.

A digital camera or a CCD camcorder is likely to be able to see IR better than your eyes. Try photographing the list in normal, low light, etc. (Unfortunately, a lot of these cameras have a built-in plastic IR filter now: it was discovered that some could take IR images of the warm human body underneath light summery clothing for an X-ray effect. The filter is easily removed, if you don’t mind opening the case, but this probably isn’t the time)

Okay, I don’t have a scanner, but I do have a digital camera.
Here’s a couple images of the note:
WTF note 1
WTF note 2
WTF note 3

And a yawning hamster , just because it makes me giggle like a leetle girl.

I’m sorry… I had something to say, but I got distracted by the hamster. Is it just me, or does it seem to anyone else that the hamster’s yawn looks rather like, er, something else?

Ahem. Back to the note. I regret to say I am unable to assist you on this matter, as Anthony Hopkins said in The Remains of the Day.


Wouldn’t the simplest solution be to re-measure? It wouldn’t make sense to guess, and then have to redo it all because of what you assume is correct on the fudged paper. Just sayin’.

Well, yes, of course. I only posted it because I thought maybe there would be some silly guessing going on. :wink:

Clearly, it goes to 11.