Quick Song Question

What is the song that they are singing in the movie Shaun of the Dead? Remember the scene where Shaun and his friend leave the pub, drunk, after Shaun’s girl breaks up with him. The zombies have come out somewhat, but they are outside singing some song, totally drunk, and they are at an intersection singing… dun nuh dun nuh dun nuh… and then they look at this zombie down the street in the background who groans. Then they do it again. The zombie groans again. Then one of them says, “What’s he doing? He should say bass… or freeze…”

Well I heard the actual song today, and I want to pinpoint it. The chorus seems to say something about “white lies” or something of the sort.

I’m sure this is an easy one for somebody, so I hope I’ve been descriptive enough.

IMDB is your friend. Seems likely to be “White Lines” from that list.