"Quick Stream Authoring cannot load...." Help!

This is making me crazy. Here’s the scoop:

I bought a digital camera (Kodak EasyShare DX4330), installed the software to download the pictures, and tried to download the first crop of unbearably cute babypoet pictures.

Every time I try, I get two messages:
“Quick Time Streaming Authoring cannot load because versions of QTS and QTSAuthoring do not match.” Check.
Then: “Quick Time Streaming Extras cannot load because versions of QTS and QTSExtras do not match.”

I bought and downloaded the newer version of QuickStream, or at least I think I did. Then I went to the QS site and followed various links to find out that my installation isn’t correct and I need to reinstall.

Now. I have no idea how to reinstall this thing, or how to further troubleshoot. I have no idea, basically, what is wrong with the blasted thing in the first place. All I want to do is download my darn pictures and email to my friend.

I am in danger of swearing like Ned Fiddleydiddley Flanders here ANY SECOND.

If anyone can help me out, I would so appreciate it…here, via email (karolhovis@hotmail.com) or on IM, where I am variously known as Karol Hovis (MSN) and karolhovis (Yahoo).
Thank you thank you thank you.

Wait, wait, wait. Not Quick STREAM. Quick TIME.

Whatever difference THAT makes…

I uninstalled all of the QuickTime stuff I could, reinstalled it, repeated.
Uninstalled the camera software and reinstalled it umpteen times.
Turned computer on and off same number of times.
Pulled hair, banged head, made threatening noises.

Still can’t load my pictures!