Quips unappreciated in their time

I have a friend who is traveling in New Zealand on vacation. She posted a picture on Facebook of herself in front of one of the houses in Hobbiton and said how much she loved it. I responded that if she liked it, then she should have put a ring in it. All I got for a once in a lifetime quip was one perfunctory like.

Back in the mid-90s, I was on a business trip in Norway. The office was on a spit of land that jutted out into a lake surrounded by hills. It was in the late Spring and everything was green and beautiful. One day I went for a post-lunch walk with two coworkers. I saw two swans swimming in the lake and I said that they were the ugliest ducks I had ever seen. Instead of the chuckles I was hoping for, or the groans I was expecting, I received two disbelieving stares and an admonishment that those were swans not ducks.

So, this board is heavily populated with smart asses - who else has quips that went unappreciated in the moment?

I was helping with one of my nephew’s after school activities about a month ago. They were having a sort of “field day” and one of the activities was a foot race. Providing encouragement, I yelled to my nephew to “remember back to when you were a sperm; you won that race, you can win this one!” Only one person laughed, and I’m pretty sure it was the drunk guy who was hanging out on the other side of the fence. I’ve not been asked to help out again since then.

Wow. They don’t let you help out anymore? I bet you didn’t see that coming.

Once when I was walking the Vegas strip late at night, a working girl came up to me and said “You know you’ve been looking for me” as her come on line.
I replied “Oh no, I was looking for restitution”. A couple of bystanders half chuckled, the prostitute just walked away.
I thought it was pretty clever for a spur of the moment comeback.

I was discussing the mortality rate in Eastern Europe on a web forum. I mentioned that, judging by the numbers, those Czechs don’t bounce. How many people appreciated my comedic genius? None!

What does that mean?


You know how sometimes you make a great quip, but nobody appreciates it?

This isn’t one of those times.

Since mixdenny was brave enough to admit he isn’t aware of one of the greatest book/movies of all time, I will admit I don’t understand this line.

A faculty member came back from a conference in Kansas City to rave about the state-of-the-art facilities there.

I said, “Everything’s up to date in Kansas City.”

He didn’t get it.

Once we were hosting an event at a hotel my sister-in-law brings her parking receipt to me and says “will you validate me?”
I reply “you look great in that dress, but we aren’t paying for parking”

One chuckle from a guy behind me. :frowning:

Same as it ever was…

Hobbiton is a place in New Zealand made to look like the village where Hobbits live. Hobbits are characters in the Lord of the Rings books.

“If you like it then you shoulda put a ring on it” is a line from Beyonce’s mega-hit song “Single Ladies.”

So, it was a ring joke.

As opposed to “prostitution”

Some of us are pro constitution. Or is that con prostitution? Or con constitution and pro prostitution.

Greg Louganis once made an appearance at a local swim club. I said he couldn’t find his way out because all the signs said TIXE.

If you didn’t know, Greg Louganis is


Well, I cracked up when I read that, if that helps validate your sense of humor. :slight_smile:

A friend was asked to be a bridesmaid for a South Asian woman, and was asked to wear Indian dress. She was telling me about the difficulties she was having making herself understood in the dress shop. For once in my life, my wit was fired with a short fuse; I promptly said, “Sometimes ‘sari’ seems to be the hardest word.”

She didn’t appreciate the quip. I mean, she got it; but she groaned in pain.

Thread title sounds like recaps of quips not appreciated at the time but appreciated eventually. Misleading.

But the OP didn’t write “put a ring on it”. He wrote “put a ring IN it”. I would have least have understood that although why it was said about a house was beyond me. Now if you said it about a car, that’s different. Cars are worthy of lust and many women have bemoaned about their husbands paying more attention to the car then them.