Quit with the special report alerts!!

I listen to the radio at work. Every once in a while, you’ll hear the heart-pounding drums and the announcer saying, “This is an ABC News Special Report” in the oh-so-serious tone that makes you think, “Oh, shit, what now?”

Ever since Sept 11, my heart jumps into my throat at those words. In this day and age, every time I hear that announcement, I think the worst.

So when I heard it this afternoon, I think, “Oh, God, not another Russian airliner crashing,” or maybe “There’s been a car bomb at the mall.”

But no, this time, those dramatic words were followed by this incredibly important piece of news.


That’s not a special report! Yes, it’s newsworthy, but do you have to give me a freaking heart attack over something that could have waited for the newsbreak!

Quit crying wolf!!

I totally agree. Anytime I hear the special alert music my heart jumps into my throat, just to find off that the president is giving a speech that has been expected for weeks. Hear, hear.

I just think, since Sept 11, such things should be used with a bit more discretion.


A California teenager has recently committed the inevitable act of engaging in the very activity currently being pitted! Officials are still shaking their heads in disgust! Tape at eleven!


This is one of the reasons I stopped using cnn.com as my home page. They use those heartstopping gigantic red “BREAKING NEWS” banners about twice a week, and it’s usually about somebody finding an eggplant that looks like George W. Bush, or some such.