Quite possibly the coolest view of Earth from space you'll ever see! (Time-lapse video from the ISS)

Amazing, ain’t it?

That totally fucking rocked!


That’s neat!

If it left you wanting more, follow some of the links in the comments for some more stunning stuff.

This one is particularly good:

Same video as youtube link above, but with different soundtrack (so as not to play out “Surface of the Sun”):

Was that wavy green glow the aurora?

Very cool. And yes, Malleus, that was an aurora.

Oh wow…

How come there isn’t a live webcam in the ISS? Or is there? Seems like a trivial engineering project nowdays.

Does anyone know what the bright white flashes are?

Bandwidth, maybe? The astronauts can email, tweet and web surf, but I’m not sure if it’s continuously available, how fast it is, etc.

I agree, that’d be pretty cool.


If you mean the bright flashes on the ISS itself, that’s the sun. Remember, these are a bunch of sequential still photographs stitched together into a time-lapse video. So, what appears as a quick flash of light would have been a much longer period of light to someone sitting on the ISS observing in real-time.

Amazing, my hometown is brightly lit at 1:55.