Baikonur Rocket Launch Footage Shot From International Space Station

This is the coolest, most beautiful thing you will see all day: camera footage of a Progress supply rocket launch from Baikonur, shot by an astronaut on board the ISS. Just breathtaking, and Alexander Gerst, the guy who shot it, deserves some sort of film-making award.

That was really cool - thanks for posting it!

Yeah, if you didn’t know what the footage was you’d swear it was a special effect.

Yes, thanks for posting. Very cool.

What was the yellow band at the top of the atmosphere-- Scattered sunlight, or aurora?

Very nice video. Thanks.

Yep, very cool!

I like the bit starting around the 0:37 mark where you can see one of the spent rocket stages burning up on re-entry. At least, that’s what I think I’m seeing.

The video was on APOD today. The explanation says it’s airglow.

I saw it earlier on APOD. It’s a VERY cool video. I downloaded it with a Firefox add-on. Then I used 2 instances of VLC to try to view it in 3D. I had a little success. The idea is to rotate the video so the motion becomes a horizontal pan. Then you run both VLCs, the video panes side by side, and one video slightly delayed relative to the other, and this provide parallax. You cross your eyes to view the panes. Sometimes it works really well. This time, not so well. I was able to view it for a few seconds at a time, but not much more. Ah, well.

Starting at 0.56 in the bottom left corner, you see a city-sized square flashing at around 2x a second.

What is it? I don’t think traffic signals are that synced so far apart.