Quitting World of Warcraft (hey anyone want a guild?)

Well I’ve decided to quit WoW my subscription ran out a few days ago so now is a good as time as ever. I was growing bored with it but what really killed my joy was during a couple of weeks when I didn’t have a connection that I could play on all of my best players left the guild with no warning or explanation.

Now I’m not whining I understand why they weren’t getting enough out of it as high levels just saying it’s somewhat disheartening when that happens. Anyway because oddly when I decided to quit I had a couple of emails from dopers wanting to join I feel I should make this thread explaining.

I don’t know what happens to guilds when the leader’s account is frozen like mine but I assume it doesn’t get disbanded. If I’m still the leader and someone else wants the guild I’ll pay for one more month and turn the guild over. I’ll also give over www.burningdoglegion.com if anyone wants it I think it’s paid up for at least 6 more months if not longer.

Sorry this is rambling I’m dead on my feet I have 28 hours of overtime these last two weeks at work so I’m somewhat fuzzy.