Diablo 3 - I need to leave the SDMB clan

With the exception of a handful of dopers, I’ve been the only person playing in the SDMB clan for years now. I’m getting lonely. I’m not here to beg any of y’all to play; I understand that y’all have moved on to other games/pursuits. I’m posting this because, for several seasons now, I have, by default, become the “leader” of the SDMB clan. I feel like I need to assign this role to someone else before I leave to join another clan. If nobody responds to this post, I’ll assign it to Chronos, if I can. (Before I wrote this post, there were 31 members listed. Just a second ago there were only 5, and Chronos was not one of them. IDK what is up with that.)

Perhaps I’m making too much of this, acting like I’m about to leave the Roman Empire without a successor. But I feel like I would be remiss to leave without warning.

I haven’t played in quite a long time. You’ve always been a big help whenever you were online - thanks for that. Leave a note here on where you ended up. Hopefully it’ll be a clan that is open to a bunch of us idiots should we ever stumble over.

There are only myself and one other who still seem to play Guild Wars 2.

I haven’t played that game in years, and unlike some games I haven’t played in years, have no expectation that I’ll ever come back to it. Disbanding the clan or leaving me as its leader are functionally equivalent, and it matters not at all to me what happens to it.

OK, I disbanded the entire Clan. First I disbanded the community (5 members), then I disbanded the Clan (31 members). IDK the difference in the two, but I couldn’t figure out how to just leave the clan, and since nobody seems to care, I just clicked around until I was no longer in.
I think I’m still friends with whoever I was friends with before, though.