Quiz : Robot or Programming Language?

Just for fun, 15 question quiz, you simply have to decide if each one is a Movie Robot or a Programming Language.

I got 14 correct, and humiliatingly failed on Cecil.

Now you try!

I got 13, missed Rexx and forgot to answer for Guile. I had some pretty lucky guesses in there, though.

Wow-I guess well. I got 12, missed on AMOS, Gort, and Cilk.



I got 9 as well.

For some reason, I’ve always believed that the robot or programming language is spelled Rex, rather than Rexx. Can anybody clarify?

11, but then again, most were guesses.

A quick Google returns about 195,000 instances of REXX (the first page of which look like references to the Language).

Another guesser - I got 12.
Missed Guile, CHOMPS, and Rexx.

So I’m the only one who thought Cecil was a robot?


I got 12 also.

Man, I haven’t thought of C.H.O.M.P.S (Canine HOMe Protection System in over 20 years! I loved that movie. Even read the book! (Hey, I was 10 at the time.)