QUotation - Ex Nihilo Nihil/Out of nothing, nothing comes

This is one of those “will bash myself on the head” when I find it, things, but I suddenly am annoyed ‘cos I cant’ fidn an origin for the phrase. OK, there’s a ton of things I cannot recall from …ahem…years ago, but this iis the one I suddenly want to know. I am Googling, and tried also Oxford Dictionary of Quotations, but all I get is blooming Nothing. :smack:

So, does any clever person have a clue, please, pretty please?

This Wikipedia article on Parmenides might be useful. It discusses his use of the phrase ex nihilo, nihil fit.

That could be the chap! (It seems to have been used by too many people. but my context for it was in a Philosophy class, discussing phil of religion) Wel, in fact the tutor complaining that if he coudl not get away NOW, that is what the refectory at the Staff Club wouls say to him, and he would be hungry)

Thank you very much! :slight_smile: