"quote" options compared to regular post

I’m not always so good at this coding stuff so usually when I’m making a long post or adding in a link, I use the “quote” option which allows everything to be done easy. (and the smilies to be seen). Why aern’t these options available when posting in the box at the bottom of the thread?

The quick reply box eliminates a step in responding by not requiring you to go to the post reply page. The trade off is that you post your reply with fewer accessories to help you - accessories that I imagine (but don’t know for sure) would cause a thread to load more slowly if they were included on every thread page.

What Ringo said.

instead of the “quote” option you could use the “post reply” option on the bottom right of the last post in the thread. this will give you all the options you mention.

It all makes sense to me now. Thanks :slight_smile: