Quoting question from newbie

Okay, every time I quote someone upthread, it never says "originally posted by whomever. All it does is this:

So how do I get attributed quotes? Forgive me if the answer’s obvious… :slight_smile:

See the box that says reply in each, er, reply? Try hitting that.

Theres a little button in the lower right hand corner of each post titled “Reply” that is actually a “reply with quote” button.

It’s on the right hand side -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------->

Or if you want to do it manually, you can say

{quote=username} blah blah blah {/quote}

but replace the curly brackets with regular brackets, which looks like

Of course, if you do it manually, be absolutely sure to quote and attribute accurately.

Thanks everyone! See, I can process new information! I have opposable thumbs! :o

It’s kind of annoying how quotes are italicized, don’t you think?

So how did you make an un-italicized quote?

He used the basic QUOTE tag, without the = username bit, and wrote the “Originally posted by username” bit himself. Just like I did here with his quote. Unattributed quotes(those without the quote=username syntax) are not automatically italicized.


No. I prefer it that way and am so used to it that when I quote from a website, I use the italics tag.

Manual coding. :stuck_out_tongue: