Qwest--ride the light???

I don’t quite understand these commercials. They say that they have every edition of every movie in any language. They also have a commercial about books to the same effect. Do they actually have these things as they claim, or is this just a hypothetical scenario of what you could possibly have if you had Qwest? Also, what the heck is Qwest?

Qwest is a telecommunications/internet giant now…just purchased/merged with US West communications (Baby Bell).

They are very strong in bringing fiber throughout the western states, hence the phrase “ride the light” – at least that’s my perspective.

For those that don’t know, not fiber as in bran muffins, that’s fiber as in fiber optic…those nifty thin glass fibers that transmit data via light rather through copper wires like you have in your home.

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Qwest…bringing regularity to an internet site near you…

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I interperet the commercial as this. Qwest is installing fiber optic cables nationwide, once that is done bandwidth limits will to a large extent dissolve. The only thing currently limiting the impressive claims in these commercials is bandwidth, Qwest’s fiber optic network could solve this (not that any fiber optic line could carry all that info, but if you really wanted to you could). So, your second guess is right. The claims, while exaggerations, aren’t to far from the truth.

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What I don’t get about commercials like this is what they’re trying to sell, and to whom…

``Beware of elaborate telescopic meat; it will find its way back to the forest.’’
– William S. Burroughs, Tom Waits

They are selling the company to perspective
shareholders. You have to keep a constant
stream of buzz going about your company to
keep the stock price up.

They are indeed talking about bandwith. In all of their commercials (I’ve seen three, the movies in the hotel, the bookstore and the jukebox in the diner) after the character asks “How is that possible?” a voiceover comes on saying “What would you do with the bandwidth to change the world?”