R.I.P. Colonel Meow

Colonel Meow has died.


RIP Colonel Meow. That is (was) one furry cat!

Shouldn’t he have been Chairman Meow?

What happened to him? :frowning:

I wasn’t attuned to this particular meme, but I think it bears mentioning why a cat has died at 2 years. “Ill”?

At least Keyboard Cat is okay? Right!? :)… :frowning:

Also, averaged to 9 inches? What was the maximum? Whole body or just his trunk?

While I type this one of the cats jumped on my lap. He looks less evil, but I bet that in actual evilness wise, Meow is like a mere Khrushchev to my cat’s Stalin or Pol Pot.

Damn—that was one seriously butt-ugly cat.

Was it murder?

From Wiki: ‘In November of 2013, Colonel Meow was hospitalized due to heart problems and underwent a difficult surgery and blood transfusion. On January 30, 2014 his owners announced on Facebook that Colonel Meow had died.’

From the same link: ‘According to the owners, the 11th October of 2011 is not the actual birth date of Colonel Meow, but the date of his adoption. His real birth date remains unknown.’

Right, that’s typical for DSH/DLH cats, but he was probably about 2 years old. It’s not like they could saw him in half and count the rings.

It’s not unusual for persians to develop heart and lung problems. Because they are so in-bred, they can be born with malformed hearts. They have respiratory problems because they are bred for flat faces. Like bull dogs they can’t breathe normally and they’re lungs don’t develop properly.

They also often are born with cleft palates, since they are bred for the flat faces that make them appear angry. They can also develop bowel obstructions from massive bezoars from self grooming.

I raised persians for a while, but found having to choose between euthanizing new-born kits or watching them die was too much.

They can now! :stuck_out_tongue:

You just try to do that in front of his humans. I dare you. :frowning:

Would some wild-eyed radical please start un-doing the damage done to the Persian breed over the last 40 years?

When your cat’s eyeballs pop out of their sockets, and queens get chewed up because thesire can’t grip her neck, why do you continue an already disasters breeding program?
Congratulations - you now have cats which die before adulthood!

Here’s a dollar - buy a clue