R.I.P. Felicia, beloved cat

Seventeen years ago two friends who were moving gave us a stray kitten that they had been feeding. They couldn’t keep it because their other cats wouldn’t accept it, and they were worred how well it would survive. Since at the time we only had one cat, we figured a second wouldn’t hurt.

Arana wasn’t thrilled with the new addition, having become accustomed to being queen of all she surveyed, but eventually they came to terms. Felicia, as we eventually named her, delighted in climbing the bookcases, leaping from there onto the tops of doors, and perching on my shoulder. After she was fixed she started putting on weight, which hampered her climbing somewhat, but didn’t stop her from trying.

After we bought the house, our menagerie slowly grew. Felicia took each newcomer in stride, the strays and the kittens being equally accepted. When Arana left us after a long illness, Felicia accepted the role of Old Lady as if born to it, curling up on the heat vent or my wife’s lap as the mood took her. She would deign to join the others at dinnertime and assert her right to first choice of the food bowl. Oddly, she never cared much for people food and seldom tried to steal from my wife’s plate like the others.

In recent years she began losing weight, but the vet assured us that this was not unusual in older cats. Last weekend, however, she did not come upstairs to take her accustomed place in our bed, and when suppertime came Sunday night she stayed on her heat vent; when I picked her up and took her into the dining room she just sniffed at the food and walked away. Monday I came home from work and my wife said she couldn’t find Felicia. I checked all her usual hideaways, then started checking the rest of the house until I found her in the storeroom closet. It was decided that a trip to the vet was in order.

When our friend came to drive her to the vet, we noticed that her fur had taken on a distinctly yellowish color. Blood tests confirmed that she was suffering from severe liver damage. After several days of treatment, including force-feeding, we were given the news we had feared. Further treatment would do nothing but prolong an uncomfortable existance.

So after work today I went to the vet and said goodbye, then held her while he prepared the injection. She was so weak that the vet thought he wouldn’t need to give her the usual sedative, but Felicia wasn’t going to go that easily. Even after being put to sleep she had to make things difficult; her veins were so small the vet had trouble with the final shot.

Next week I’ll be returning to pick up her ashes; she’ll be joining Arana in the back yard come spring.

I’m sorry for your loss, she sounds like a wonderful cat.

Rico and I send our prayers and best to you and mrs LurkMeister as well as the remaining of the LurkMeister fur family


I’m sorry you’ve lost your dear friend. It sounds like you gave her a wonderful home and it’s a blessing that her final illness wasn’t protracted.


My sympathies. I am dreading the day when I will have to say goodbye to any of our beloved beasties.



I’m sorry that you lost your friend. But it gladdens me to know that she had a long, happy life in a loving home, and true friends who helped her to leave this world gently and in peace.


Having just had to put our beloved Westie to sleep, I know exatly what you’re going through.

What a lucky stray she was, to have found a home like yours.

Thanks to all for your kind thoughts. Hopefully I won’t have to go through this again for a while; with the exception of Long John, our three-legged 13-year-old, our other cats are all recent additions. Tuxedo and Halloween are a brother & sister set we adopted as kittens two years ago when we realized how long it had been since we’d had kittens around. Pumpkin & his brother are Halloween’s kittens and are just a year old. Long John’s sister Muffin had died last year of cancer.

My wife says I have “sucker” invisibly tattooed on my forehead; I’ve lost track of the number of cats we’ve adopted over the years, particularly since we got the house and I didn’t have to worry about landlords. Last night my wife said “no more” but I suspect that she’ll start wishing for another kitten in a few years.

Lurky so sorry about your kitty. You both deserve big hugs. Give the other kitties extra cuddles.

I’m so sorry to hear of your loss but you and your family have many years of happy memories that Felicia gave you. In the end, you also gave her the greatest gift you could, by ending her suffering and letting her go in the knowledge that she was loved and cared for.

the saddest thing i can think of is to know that a furry friend was suffering and nothing was done in time. blessings on you for doing your best to keep your kitty from further pain. i know how big a hole it can put in your heart…i’ve had to take that road a couple times myself. but be at peace, knowing you did the necessary and right thing.

{{LurkMeister, wife and kitties}}

– lachesis


I’m so very sorry for your loss. Cats are special creatures.

Part and parcel of our promise to our pets is to have the fortitude to help them die with dignity. My sister had to do this yesterday for her beloved Corgi who was suffering the ravages of cancer. My condolences for your sorrow. Rest assured you have done the right thing.