R.I.P. Geoffrey "Onslow" Hughes: "Oh, nice!"

British actor Geoffrey Hughes died on 27 July, 2012. He was 68 years old.

Hyacinth can picture him in heaven, not wearing a shirt.

I hope he is just murdering an endless bacon butty about now…

Onslow was my favorite “KUA” actor-he was working class and proud of it.
His idea of dressing up was putting on a sleeveless sweater (over his ever-present “wife beater”!)
Always had a but going-and a beer.
RIP Onslow!

I’d love to send a hyacinth, a rose, and a daisy to his grave, but I’m guessing there would be lots of them there already.

Very funny actor- RIP.

I know he had many other credits but I can’t recall seeing any of them myself. Did he usually play an Onslow-type character (i.e. irreverent funny slob) or did he play all sorts?

And a violet. :frowning: RIP, Onslow.

I was sure I’d seen him in something where he was all cleaned up, but the only listing on IMDB that I’ve seen is Keeping Up Appearances.

I don’t remember ever seeing him smile, but he always made me smile, especially when he was resisting Daisy’s advances. Daisy and her romance novels. Onslow and his beer.

Did he smile when the dog lunged at Hyacinth from that junker in the front garden? Maybe he smiled then.

I don’t remember the joke he made to Richard- something about an ‘old bitch will bite’ that made Richard make a comment about the dog and Onslow say “Who’s talkin’ 'bout the dog?” (or words to that effect), but I remember him (Onslow) smiling and laughing when he said it. IIRC Richard gave a sly smile as well.

I work with a woman for whom my codename is Hyacinth. In the first place she’s an insufferable snob (with little to nothing to back it up save a very moderately well off husband) and in the second she’s ALWAYS going on and on and on about her one-of-a-kind absolutely perfect godlike and not-flawed-in-any-way spectacular son. I’m totally on Team Onslow where boring self consumed snobs are concerned.

It’s especially sad that he’s gone because he was the youngest member of that cast and one of the first to go(Rose is passed away too.)

Missed edit window. Reminds me of the cast of “The Golden Girls;” Betty White was the oldest, yet is the last survivor.

My strongest memory of him is as Eddie Yeats in Coronation Street, where he was a bit of a knockabout doofus always getting into wacky schemes with Stan Ogden.

Did anyone who watched Are You Being Served? think Mrs. Slocombe would outlive Miss Brahms?

Not even – he just didn’t care at all. Proud? Embarrassed? Alien concepts to the man. He wuz who he wuz and that’s the end of it.

And he hated kebAAbs! As long as I don’t af t’eat a kebAAb!

the best character in keeping up appearance - no pretensions at all, he never loses face - he is what he is.

My favourite line of his “I could murrder a bacon butti!”