R.I.P. Milton Berle

He died today too (along with Dudley Moore). He had colon cancer for a while.


Whoa!!! WHile I was just being goofy about the Moore thing, I do think he was a good entertainer. But Milton …! Man, that guy was awesome! This stinks.:frowning: :frowning:

Good lord! They’re dropping like actors!

Aw, damn.

You shouldn’t feel too bad. He lived to be 93, most of them in good health. He made millions of people laugh throughout the years and almost singlehandedly developed television as an entertainment medium.

Uncle Miltie’s legacy is a great one.


Crap! First Texaco, now Uncle MIltie.

If I were his mortician, I’d just have to yell make-up! just before I started on him.

DUDLEY MOORE! MILTON BERLE! I haven’t watched the news. I didn’t know.

Aw, crap. :frowning:

Noooo! Milton Berle was sooooo great. I’ll miss him :frowning:

I’ll always remember his guest appearance on The Critic, where he singlehandedly defeated numerous armed terrorists with his awesome ninjutsu skill. I heard they based that on a real event. :slight_smile:

Goodbye Uncle Miltie.