Uncle Miltie's Funeral

Anybody catch any quotes from this? I caught a few here:

There were others. What a send-off! Reminds me of Terry Gilliam’s funeral…


Which, unless the biographies I’m finding are wrong, will be sometime in the relatively distant future? Or did I miss something?

Jeeze, don’t do this to me!

BTW, are there any autopsy photos confirming Berle’s, ummmmm, reputation?

Sorry - Graham Chapman. Blah.

I’m still waiting on confirmation that Miltie was bisexual, but that may never come…


I think that he and his penis have requested that they be buried side by side, if that’s what you’re asking.

Maybe that’s why the raincoat was draped over the casket.

I hear the eulogy was “borrowed” from Jack Benny’s funeral. Groan.

I keep thinking of Krusty the Klown’s funeral. “We’ll be sitting shiva at 8pm and again at 10. You’ll have to be 18 for the 10pm…it gets a little blue.”