RAAP (Rape Assistance & Awareness Program) volunteers

Because locking your car doors has no real effect on your life.

Each of us, every day, does something that in retrospect could be inviting rape. I let the grocery delivery man in my apartment yesterday to set the groceries on the table. I’m recovering from surgery and can’t lift heavy items. He could have raped me. Yesterday, I took the baby out for a walk alone at night to calm her down. Someone could have raped me. Today, I am going alone to a happy hour. Someone could slip something in my drink and rape me.

So you can’t complete eliminate risk. Really, you can’t get anywhere close to even minimizing it, short of becoming a shut in.

It’s not a coincidence that the advice we receive about mitigating rape pretty much exactly mirrors the same boring old tropes that have been used to control women for centuries- generally try to always be under the protection of a man, don’t live or travel alone or otherwise show too much independence, keep your sexuality in narrow boundaries, don’t pursue jobs or whatever that could “put you at risk,” and don’t be too wild. Stay home, stay chaste, tend to the family and you’ll do fine.

In generations past these controls were maintained by religion, the economic threat of being considered unmarriagable, etc. They were also fairly explicitly enforced by rape (and still are in some countries). In the West we no longer, as a matter of course, rape women who chose to defy their male relatives, work outside the home, or become politically active. But we can still give dire warnings in a faux-concerned tone.

Thanks, Hamlet. You’ve delivered a jarring blow to the obtuse element of the galvanized fastening device. Pit was chosen so shit could get real in the event I was really missing something more than andy pointed out in #2.

So… dare I ask how one pronounces “RAAP”?

I get what you’re saying, and with a bit of thought I could probably imagine what it’s like to have that potential looming over my head all the time.

Here’s my beef with the subject at hand (post #1): I go out of my way to keep myself and my family safe. There are places I don’t like to go to, and things I don’t do if I find myself there, because I don’t care for the prospect of being a victim–either of violence or false accusations. Hell, I don’t even let strangers in the house when I’m alone. It’s not that I’m a paranoid coward, it’s that I just don’t want any trouble. One thing I also just would not do is, to all appearances unaccompanied, knock on strange doors in the dark unless I absolutely had to (like emergencies, not because I’m doing important work). Maybe RAAP takes precautions that I wasn’t seeing. If so, a little more visibility of those precautions are probably in order. Because the irony of someone so (outwardly) vulnerable and complacent getting the word out about a personal safety issue was startling. I’m a guy who is probably never going to experience a physical altercation firsthand, and there was no way in hell I’d have put myself in her situation.

I was wondering when you’d show up VinylTurnip. :smiley: They’re going by The Blue Bench now.

It sounds like a belch - “RAAAAAAAAP!”

Years ago when I did door-to-door canvassing, we always went out from about 6-9 pm, and we always went in pairs. Her partner was probably across the street, but still close by. A petite young lady is a bonus for canvassing because they get a ton more money than anyone else. We were also instructed not to go into anyone’s house, and always be aware of our own safety. I’m guessing that you answering the door, with the sounds of your wife and kids and the tv and whatever in the background, doesn’t seem very threatening to canvassers.

ETA: I agree completely that people need to not put themselves in dangerous situations. In my opinion, this isn’t one of them. :slight_smile:

Ask the RAAPist.

I had initially assumed the OP meant she was acting like she was rapey, what with the details about leaning in close to the door and so forth.

If she’s wearing a parka, she’s just asking for it.



Rape Assistance? They assist rape?

I’m going to hell…

I get jokes.

I ran a canvass for a few years. You always send folks out in pairs and work both sides of the street. If someone goes inside for more than five minutes you go across and check on them. If you have an odd number two people work every other house and circle back on the third. You never get out of sight of eachother.

The very idea that an anti-rape organization would be putting its people in harm’s way is idiotic. The idea that the organization needs to make its security arrangements more obvious is offensive.

We had 3-4,000 canvassers out every night for the five years that I was there; not one rape.

On one hand you say that no one is out of sight from the others…yet you also say that there is a 5 minute window of someone being inside of a house before there is a check. This doesn’t add up for me.

3,000 canvassers going to approximately 80 houses per night times 260 nights per year is over 60 million encounters. I’m quite certain that some of our women stood in the same room with actual rapists. I can’t tell you why our system kept everyone safe, only the fact that it did, 100%. Folks got good at reading subtle clues, we worked as a team. We were friends; we were not about to allow our friends to come to harm, much less get raped. Some of my folks had guns pulled on them, all kinds of craziness happened, but you just learned to read the signs and maintain control or the situation. Sending a woman off, alone in the dark is akin to sending a firefighter into a burning building in a T-shirt.

The biggest danger we encountered was car crashes.

Wow, that sounds like a lot of risky situations worked out OK. Forgive me if that doesn’t make me feel comfortable that all risky situations are good ones to put myself, or my loved ones in. Especially given the pride your organization places on 100% safety. Who says that there weren’t issues not reported because of your 100% no problem record??

I suspect that one of the greatest factors contributing to our safety, was the fact that we were in your home; there could be no confusion as to who was the rapist and where they could be found. As to the lack of reporting, that seems extremely unlikely because we all rode home together. One would assume that a rape victim would be rather shaken and a bit disheveled a few minutes after the event.

Getting back to this, as I had read the OP less than thoroughly.

You Sir, are a vile piece of shit. The fact that you “Casually” check out a woman’s ability to defend herself or flee disgusts me. I hope you die naked, cold an alone after the Aryan Nations has traded you like cigarettes in the Kingdom of the Damned.

Meh, I’ve been in property/casualty insurance so long that hazard assessment and loss mitigation come to me like breathing. When I go into a new house a part of my brain assesses fire hazards, egress routes, theft deterrence, etc. If someone’s driving habits catch my eye I focus on what the driver looks like he’s up to, how does his car seem to be handling (loose wheel, not tracking straight, lights all working?) Similarly, and I think I said this here before, when someone seems to be doing something of questionable safety I just do my thing and see if the situation is as nutty as it looks. This thread has given me some insight into how RAAP addresses some of my concerns, and that’s what I wanted. So thanks for posting what you know about, chacoguy.

It may be an unnecessary idea but it is far from offensive. Unless you are easily offended.