Rabbit Sitting in Our Yard

Each morning a rabbit comes to our side yard and sits like a statue for a couple of hours, then leaves. Same exact spot each day. I’m dying to know why.

Is it sitting on its nest?

:confused: Rabbits don’t make nests on the ground.

Well then, where do Easter eggs come from?


Yes, yes they do.

I am amazed, and stand corrected.

Maybe that’s what’s happening to the rabbit.

rabbit nests are well concealed under grass, you can stand right over it and not see it. they build nests in fields of tall grass. they pick a location that is hidden and conceal it further.

rabbits will try to hid from predators, when out in the open by staying still. it is the lawn gnome defense.

It’s probably standing there trying to figure out why some dude shows up at the window for two hours at the same time every morning :smiley:

He wants you to kill and eat him. I get that vibe.

I have a rabbit that does a similar thing. I have rocks in the back yard, and the rabbit has pushed aside the rocks and made a spot the size of a dinner plate to lay in. He lays there and suns, rolls in the dirt and otherwise enjoys his little dirt spot. The really funny thing is I find him on top of my wild bird feeder eating the bird seed, in the company of the birds.

I think it’s the other way 'round.
He’s lying in wait; when your curiosity gets the better of you you’ll go in for a closer look and - POW! - you’re rabbit chow.

Could be. Better stock up on holy handgrenades just to be safe.

I checked, there’s no nest out there. My wife says it might be doing some weird pregnant rabbit thing. I walked around a bit, found what looks like a small burrow dug under my next door neighbor’s house; I’m thinking that might be the nest.

Is it sunning itself?

It is my understanding that lots of rabbits build complex burrow systems, but some species (mostly cottontails) just dig shallow burrows, reuse another animal’s burrow, or nest in a depression in the ground. Hares (and jackrabbits) do the depression thing, too.

It’s waiting for you to turn your back so it can eat the flowers you just planted.

I learned the lesson that rabbits make their nests in long grass the hard way: with a lawnmower.

I always bag my grass now.

Have you asked him?

He’s probably trying to tell you that in 28 days, 6 hours, 42 minutes, and 12 seconds, the world will end.