Race War

First off, this is purely an argumentative thread, and I am in no means suggesting that any race is superior to another.

Now, let’s suppose that we break the entire human population down into a set number of races. I’m not an anthropologist, so I’m not exactly sure what the standard race classes are, so let’s go with:

  1. European, Caucasian
  2. African
  3. Asian (including China, Japan, etc…)
  4. Middle Eastern
  5. European, non-caucasian (including Latin Americans)

Now, if these 5 groups of humanity were assigned equally lucrative pieces of the globe and given the single mission to overtake the other 4 groups, who would win, why would they win, and how long would it take them?

I’m leaving a lot of the variables in this argument up to discussion, but I’m curious as to which race (if any), people think is superior. This is taking into account a lot more than just physical strength, like intelligence, creativity, etc…

If you think there should be another class added, feel free.

If you’re a typical specimen of your race, I’m going to guess that they would lose.

If we were to have an infantry style war… Asia would win, considering both China and India are home to over a billion people each…

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