Rachel Ray Show today: What's up with Mariah Carey's face?

Did Mariah go off the plastic surgery rails when I wasn’t looking? (I was in the breakroom today and the Rachel Ray show was on - don’t judge me)

Her whole demeanor was stiff, like she had a sore neck. But beyond that she seemed like she was botoxed beyond belief. Nothing above her upper lip moved.

Then there was the imbalance of her face. Her left nostril seemed closed, and drawn upward. She looke like she had a stroke, or maybe Bell’s Palsy.

When did this happen?

On top of it all Rachel kept talking about what a natural beauty Mariah is, which was…awkward.

Her face was stuck in like this. It never moved.

Jeebus, she looks like a freakin’ cyborg.

I thought she was adorable in her earlier, “Unplugged” days, but with the passing of time she is just aging ungracefully. She’s too old to play the ingenue, and it drives me bonkers how affected she is. She’s a beautiful woman, but she really overdoes it with the mincing about and the giggling.