Radio broadcasts of Baseball games as MP3 files?

Hi all,

Does anyone know where (or even if) I can find radio broadcasts of baseball games saved as MP3 files? I’d love to be able to re-live past classics while stuck on the train or in a waiting room. Can anyone help?


Sorry. Not without the expressed written consent of Major League Baseball.

moderator GQ

Assume makes an ass out of me once again. MLB does sanction sales of recorded broadcasts, so I’m reopening this thread.

Links to sites offering recordings that are not sanctioned by MLB are still verboten.

Thanks, bibliophage. I’m not holding my breath though, looks like MP3’s of baseball games are rarer than a very rare thing…:frowning:

I don’t have it with me, but I have a CD called Total Baseball that included, among myriad stats and records, a section of classic calls. Among those calls were Thomson’s home run, Aaron’s 715th, Mays’ catch, and so on. The CD was around before sites like Baseball Reference existed, so for a while it was pretty cool. Assuming that the makers of Total Baseball did have the rights to put those audio files on the disk, I can try to find an address or other contact info for you.

(Of course, it had only certain calls, not entire games, and therefore might not be too useful to you.)

Thanks for the thought, but it’s really entire games I’m looking for. If it’s an old game from the forties or fifties and still has original ads in between innings, that would be incredibly cool. However, I’ll gladly listen to anything available, regardless of how new or old it is. (Being a british baseball fan can really suck sometimes).