Radio Jedi's, Help. Best Radio Reception?

I have one of these for listening to the radio in my office – 20 floors up surrounded by glass and steel . I want to listen to NPR, which is run on, among other stations, WABE, whose transmission tower sits atop Stone Mountain (about 20 miles away) and broadcasts 100,000 watts of effective radiated power. I have positioned my radio at various places in my office. I have purchased a cheap RCA TV/FM antenna and turned off the internal antenna. I have put the antenna near the radio and far from the radio. I have extended the arms and I have left them in. Still nothing works quite right. The thing I notice is, with the arms extended, I get bleed from stations at or near the same place on the dial in other locations (like Chattanooga). Suggestions? These certainly can include, “get a different radio” with suggestions. I looked at Tivoli and Boston Acoutstics, but the price was right on this one.

Alligator clip from a water pipe to an antenna often works. Other possibilities include the phone system, electrical conduits, gas pipes etc., anything with an extended array of conductors.

I don’t suppose web streaming is an option. But it’s one you might consider.


You might try a GE Superadio III. The Superadio likely has better rejection than your current radio, which would help in the situation you described (adequate signal on the tuned station, but bleed from near-by stations).

I’m very happy with my Superadio, for it’s DX capabilities, good audio, and simplicity. If you find a local dealer, you might be able to try it in your setting and return it if it’s not an improvement.

I wish. IT put the kibosh on that unless it’s for webconferencing or other work related stuff.

There doesnt happen to be something comparable but with a digital tuner, does there?