Radio/lyrics - argh

So I am driving my 10-year-old to swim practice. Turn on Sirius/XM, channel 52 - “Dance/Electronic” - he likes the heavily synthesized stuff with deep base beat. A song comes on, the screen says “Gareth Emery - Saga”. The usual synthesized instrumental stuff. No lyrics. Except for three words in the middle of the song (and I presume repeated several times throughout) - “The Mother**ing Saga Continues!”. I switch it off.

Seriously? You really needed to use that word in a “trance” song? Especially in a mostly instrumental one where this is the only lyric? I really didn’t expect that I would have to worry about my 10-year-old listening to the “techno”/“trance” channel. This is not hiphop. The lyrics usually are inane/innocuous and often distorted, but this is the first time I head obscenity on that channel. WTF?

Holy shit! Did you turn it off before he learned curse words? I agree, ten years old is much to young to use or hear profanity. He can curse like a sailor when he’s old enough to enlist, in the meantime, good on you for making sure his ears remain untouched by swearing.

You’re giving the words too much power and making them more interesting than they are. Just remind him that they’re not appropriate words to use until he’s much older and make it no big deal.

I concur.

Word up, Bob Ducca.

I’m surprised this is the first time you’ve run into it on that channel. I listen to techno quite a bit (not on satellite radio though) and there’s plenty smatterings of expletives. Is there another channel that offers edited stuff?

Just stay away from the LDS channel. Those Mormons swear like there’s no fucking tomorrow.

Fuckin’ A.

Don’t listen to these people, Terr. They’re weird in the head. Keep swearing and children separate.

When should he start teaching him how to play the male role?

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Sure. Cuz it is just fine if kids swear like lumberjacks. I am sure the school will appreciate it when my kid uses that there.

Yes, I have listened to that channel when driving him for a while. This is the first time. The music tends to to either completely instrumental or some utterly innocuous/stupid lyrics (“And I don’t really know if I’m alive” - LOL). This is the first time anything like that happened. I was surprised at the utter gratuitousness of the expletive - those were literally the only lyrics in the song.

It is not up to the world to alter itself to fit your parenting style.
The artist decided to put motherfucking in a song, what is the problem with that?
I don’t understand how trance is somehow an invalid medium for adult language.
If you’re looking to shield your kid from swearing, you’re going to have to pack him in bubble wrap pretty tightly and only listen to the Disney station.


Look, you son already knows all the words. If he hasn’t heard them on the radio or read them in a book, he’s heard them from other kids in school. Besides, it’s not your job, as a parent, to keep your kid ignorant - it’s your job to teach him. In this case, it’s your job to teach him not to use these words he’s heard.

Except when you fuck the children, of course, then a bit of dirty talk (within certain bounds of decorum – ask your school counselor for guidelines) is appropriate, at least with the 7 to 10 cohort, dirty shameless totsluts that they are.

My son is autistic, although “mainstreamed” in school. “Teaching him” is not as simple as it sounds, but he LOVES repeating things he hears on the radio or in videos. Can’t wait till he repeats this gem at school.

And as for “keeping him ignorant” - yes, his knowing the word “motherf**er” is a bit low priority for me.

I think the ignorance spoken of here is not of specific swear words but ignorance of the fact that there are appropriate and inappropriate times to use almost any particular word.

I see. Can you give me an example of how you would explain to a 10-year old (even a neuro-normal 10-year-old) when the “appropriate” time is to use the word “motherf**er”?