Rage of Bahamut (app, card game)

Hi there folks, I didn’t find a thread on this so I decided to start one. RoB is a freemium card game (think magic, not poker). I’m playing it on Android and while it seems to have a minor memory leak, I really like the layout and way the game is put together. Sure, there are lots of card-type games, and Urban Rivals is a good bit more strategic, but I like the quick feel to RoB. It’s easy to log in for a quick run, grind a tiny bit and see if you get any decent cards.

I’m not sure other folks will enjoy it, but it’s nice mindless gaming.

If folks do decide to play, once you finish the tutorial and register your handset (you need to register in order to get some of the bonuses), enter the code: zhs98632 and you’ll get some neat starting bonuses and I’ll also get a few for inviting you.

Just adding a quick bump : the game really is a nice bit of fun if you’re studying ck in line at the supermarket or some such and allows quick play and some pvp if you’re into that. I

Sorry for the double bump, but I forgot to say: my name there is FinnAgainZero. If you want some good cards to start with for free and/or someone to help you with stuff, feel free to hit me up.

Looks interesting! It is available for iOS as well. Downloading now, and I’ll enter your code.

Awesome! I’m FinnAgainZero in game. If you need a Fellow (someone whose cards you can use to help you fight bosses), hit me up. I can drop another fellow if it comes to it too, to make room for you. I can also help you out with some cards you need once you decide on a play style and such. Once you find someone’s profile in game, you can send them messages there with the “support” feature. Everybody uses it to chat and it’s kind of expected. You can also always message me here. Hope you like it. It’s simple, streamlined, and addictive.

Just wondering if you needed any advice or help or anything. Just lemme know in this thread or PM and I’ll be happy to assist.

Sorry FinnAgain, thanks - I haven’t had time these past few days to even load it up, but I am still interested in trying. I should have more time over the weekend.

I did go through the tutorial, which, to be honest, I found pretty useless. It just had me clicking and it was telling me things were happening, but it didn’t seem to explain the how or the why. I really came out of the tutorial with no more understanding of the game than I went into it.

But I won’t hold that against the game - I’ll still give it a try. I’m usually pretty good at figuring out the rules, so I’ll just dig in when I can and learn. And I’ll take you up on the offer of help if I need. Thanks!

Yeah… the tutorial kinda sucks a bit.

Essentially there are two basic modes, PvE and PvP. PvP is a way to steal treasures from other people (get all the treasures in a set and you get a bonus card) and earn battle points which get you gems. Gems, in turn, can be redeemed for items and booster card packs, and such. You spend attack points based on the strength of your chosen deck in order to attack other players. PvE is pretty much just clicking through a series of enemies while you spend stamina points. The quests and special events generally yield bonus cards every 3-5 rounds and also have a chance to earn treasures in treasure sets.

That’s a very basic overview, but please feel free to ask any questions.