RAID Controller listing in Device Manager

Using WinXP Home SP2. In my Device Manager, under the item “Other devices” is listed “RAID Controller.” It has a yellow question mark and an exclamation point before it.

Opening it provides no information at all. I *think *it was left over from when I used a Sony tape drive for backups some time ago, but I am not sure. After upgrading to XP I uninstalled all the software for that tape drive.

Is there any reason, now that I use an external HDD for backups, not to disable that listing? I’d do a backup and a new restore point before, but if it is needed for anything else, I could just let it sit there.

Depending on your motherboard you may have integrated raid controllers, they are getting fairly common these days. In this case it is detecting the motherboard raid controllers and the drivers are probably not installed. It shouldn’t hurt anything to ignore it or disable it. You could also just install the drivers if this is the case and the error state will go away and give you the option of implementing raid later :D.