Raided by the cops. Were they pissed off or what?

So kicking back with my morning coffee, catching the news on here and the telly before starting work, and suddenly my house is full of police…on a mission. :eek:

Backstory: couple of weeks ago, a friend was suddenly made homeless and living out of their van. Friend had a few dope plants that needed to be not in a van, so our backyard being secure and because it is heavily treed on the perimeter was deemed a suitable spot.

My son also had a couple of very small plants that he had been coddling for months. The friend’s plants were much more advanced and looking wonderfully healthy.

Well, obviously someone had spied them and reported us to the wallopers. The search warrant was authorised on the 9th Jan and today they rocked up.

And boy, were they not impressed. I think they thought they were raiding a full-on plantation…except all they got were a few ‘pot’ plants.

My son and the friend both took the rap for half of the plants making it a possession charge by summons. And now the coppers have to spend hours writing reports etc for a whole shitload of bullshit. Apparently they apologised to the fellas once the formal interviews had finished. Poor bastards.

But it was a tres interesting way to start my Wednesday I must say!!


That’s definitely a jolt. I’m guessing they don’t roll in with guns like they do here?

Glad everyone is (mostly) OK. Sorry to hear about the pot plants. :frowning:

Yeah, guns and I counted at least 10 coppers. They were a bit over-equipped for what they were expecting I guess.

Funniest thing though, the friend had a long history with the police force over many years, but a couple of years back turned his life around and actually runs a charity for homeless people that is VERY well regarded where I live. His one vice now is having a smoke.

My son is currently unemployed, but cooks meals for a local charity (not the same one as above) to give back to the community. Cops asked him what he was going to do for the rest of the day and he told them “Pumpkin curry and some risotto dishes”. :smiley:

My daughter was made redundant just before Xmas, so after the cops left she went off to her revisited volunteer job at the Salvos Goodwill store.

And once I’d stopped shaking from the weirdness, I jumped on the phone to sell merchandise for the charity I work for (for wages).

I hope they’re laughing about the debacle as much as we are now!

What are the penalties for something like that?

Nowadays, a slap over the wrist with a soggy lettuce leaf.

Maybe a stint of ‘community service’ and a small fine…if they’re VERY unlucky. Most likely outcome is a magistrate who is bored and tells them to piss off and not do it again.

Before pot was legal here, a friend of mine had a small grow patch behind his house. He also collected guns. One night a raccoon wandered in and he fired a few shots to get rid of it. A neighbor reported the gunshots, and the police showed up. Hijinks ensued.

Geez, that would ruin your day totally.

Honest to dog, the cops were uber apologetic about the whole schemozzle, but their hands were tied as the search warrant had been issued and it HAD to be enacted. Poor sods.

And, either they suck at searches or they were feeling generous, because they somehow missed all the drying leaf…

I’m thinking the latter me’self.

heh had my house raided about 10 years ago …… we rented a room to a mentally sketchy guy …. and just sketchy people in general and lived behind a set of section 8 duplexes aka the “mini projects”
Well apparently had been ton of break ins that were done by “Caucasian suspects” and the cops was actually trying to find out who was doing it as opposed to ignoring it as usual
Well this dumb ass is walking down the alley 8:30 at night clad only in bike shorts and sandals sees the cops come down the alley jumps the wall and runs in the house …. Cops roll around and knock on the door wanting to search the place …. we did and for the next 3 hours most of the roommates were in back of squad cars getting warrant checked ….
Now while all this was going on im dling off napster dubiously legal porn off of irc …. and have a few gigs of emulators roms and the like (I didn’t realize that if they felt like it id of done more time than anyone)

Cop pushed open the door with a 9 drawn and a flash light asked if I owned the computer and network equipment and I said yep and all my info on it is in a easy to reach box he nodded and talked to me about everquest (I had a few posters up )because his son wanted it … and looked over some pics I had up and inquired about model ages and I said well its from a couple girls i knew in Thailand so I couldn’t really tell …. he said “well be careful”

Well the one half decent room mate was getting grilled over a car hed bought from a friend and was fixing in the driveway … turned out shed sold him her husbands project car while he was in jail and it was listed as stolen … oh and they found two years worth of meth in his wall safe as he was dealing in between jobs and his friends weren’t supposed ot be around each other ,

So I was sitting on my lawn watching the la county sheriff copter swirl around my house for a couple of hours looking to see if anyone else was running a chop shop and more meth ……

Sad to say that wasn’t the last little adventure we had there ……….

Oh yeah it turned out the idijit that started the whole mess had been breaking into the apartments with friends but wasn’t part of who they were looking for hed just brke into places hed bought drugs at looking for more ……