I suspect I'll be lambasted for finding this comical.

If you’ve seen my LJ you may have read this already because I posted it there first –

There was this cop who got shot by some kid who bought 3 bags of weed. The kid went off and killed himself and everybody-- and I mean everybody was wondering why the hell he went so crazy over 3 bags of weed. The cops were so suspicious they were looking for some other thing he might have done that he was running from (nothing, apparently. He’d just graduated high school and was going to a local college. He was a “good kid”).

The shooting happened the beginning of this week. The shot cop is OK. This story grew another pair of legs when a tape of the shooting surfaced. Seems the shot cop’s partner ran away in fear when the kid took out his gun, and hid behind a parked car while his partner got shot.

The tape is, I hate to say this, comical. The guy should have a bubble over his head saying “Somebody call the cops!”

His sister was on the news this morning-- at her front door, holding her baby-- saying “Who knows what was going through his mind? How would you react in the same situation?” This brings two things to mind:

1)Why the hell was Fox news at that woman’s door at 6:15 in the morning asking her inane questions? What did you think she was going to say? That her brother is a big pussy and we all should laugh at him?

2)Me and his sister are probably the only two people in all of NY who feel sorry for the punk.

It was funny (mental image of cop running down the street, arms flailing, shouting “run away, run away!”) til I read that this was a 12-year veteran. 12 years? How could he not know being a cop was dangerous and he may be faced with this kind of situation?

And yes, I feel sorry for the kid, too.

I’m not about to baste yer lamb, but I don’t see anything funny about that at all.

The guy clearly needs to be in another line of work, though. One where you don’t have to worry about keeping it together when people are shooting at your co-workers.

Nuts that the guy who got shot three times (vest or no) managed to unholster his weapon and get a few rounds off – rounds that found their target instead of going wild. While his partner pissed his pants.

At first I didn’t understand what prevented the poor schmuck from going to help his partner after the shooting was over. I suppose it should have been obvious.

By ‘punk’, I meant the policeman. The kid-- the police and his family are still trying to figure out why he went apeshit. I don’t feel sorry for him at all. Maybe if they find out he had some kind of brain tumor or something, then I would. But as it stands now-- he shot a cop for no good damned reason.

Many, maybe even most, officers never face a situation like this. Cops are human too, and some (hopefully few) are going to funk out on you when ‘it hits the fan.’ Especially if it’s a ‘first time.’

The kid in question really, really blew it - Dumb move atop dumb move, atop dumb move. He took a perminant solution to a temproary problem. Sure, he’d have been in the klink a long, long time. Is it really better to be dead, though? My guess is ‘Not.’

Maybe he just transfered to New York from Paragon City.

Other than panic. Let me be clear: I am in no way excusing his actions. He shot a cop and had he not shot himself, should have been arrested and stood trial and been sent to prison.

OTOH, I can understand what may have been his mental process after the incident. Not before or during; I doubt he even thought about it when he did it. But after? “I shot a cop. My life is over. There’s nowhere to run. I’m not going to college. I’m going to jail for a long time…” etc. Over and over, til it got too much and he felt it was easier to kill himself than face that. I have empathy for anyone who feels death is a better option than the alternative.

Do you have any idea how many soldiers refused to fire in World War II, Korea and Vietnam? People get scared and do the strangest things at the strangest times. I don’t blame the guy for running away, but I do think that he needs to find a new line of work because now he’s untrustworthy. Maybe, as they say, a nice “desk job” with a whole lot of admin work and zero danger.

I wonder what would have happened had the weed been legal.

Goddamn, that was funny.

Hell yeah. That’s a totally natural reaction to being shot at, that training is supposed to get you past. I have little doubt that I would do pretty much the exact same thing in that situation. I have a huge amount of respect for people who are able to put their natural fear aside and react professionally when firearms are being discharged.

This guy isn’t one of them, though, and other cops shouldn’t have to rely on him.

An excellent if ignored point.

Biggirl, you have an extraordinarily fucked up sense of humor if you find anything comical at all about this story.
Have you seen the tape?

I didn’t think so.


I wonder what would have happened if the kid obeyed the law?

Yes, I do have a fucked up sense of humor, thanks for noticing. Yes, I have seen the tape. Did’nt I say he should have a bubble over his head saying, “Somebody call the cops?”

And I wipe my ass regularly, with Murphy’s Oil soap and a cotton washcloth, thanks again.
But mostly, thank you for the lambasting. I was beginning to fear being moved into MPSIMS.

Where? My understanding is that it has not been released to the media and has only been viewed internally.

You are more than welcome! And I won’t even bag you for saying “but, mostly”. You were describing yourself, right?

At last - The condemnation has arrived.

You understand is flawed. They have been showing snippets on the local news channels for some time.

Maybe both us understand is flawed.

Attempted murder, unlawful use of a weapon? I agree, the cops should go after him for something like that.

However, asking someone to obey a law that is tyrannical? Like buying three bags of weed? Dandelions would be outlawed if they made a profit.