Rain Dance Riddle

It’s a well known fact that the Indian Rain Dance was always a success (okay, it’s not well known, but play along). Why is this so?

Cuz they kept doing it 'til it rained.


Well, stv, that’s very clever, but to suggest that the Indian Rain Dance was always a success because they kept “doing it”, i.e., screwing, 'til it rained, is an insult to all Indians. But, I’m sorry, you’re wrong. Now, does anyone know the correct answer to my question?

Because everyone liked the Rajah’s wife?
Oh, no, sorry, I’m thinking of the Indian Rani Dance.

Because the king liked it.

Oops, I’m thinking of the Indian Reign Dance.

The one that never worked was the Indian Rain Dunce.

I’ll stop now.

Because they only did it when it rained?

Say. Um. I think you’re looking for insult where none is intended, here. I got the impression that stv was merely suggesting that Natives danced until it started raining. Y’know…dancing. Nothing else.

My take on it, anyways. Perhaps stv could enlighten us before you jump to conclusions.


And I can’t believe it was assumed I meant “screwing” when I said “do it.”

What is this, junior high?!? :rolleyes:

Dude! You said “do it”! Huh huhhuh.

Because you’re using the verb “work” in the sense of “to be in agitation or restless motion”?

(See Merriam-Webster, work (verb), intransitive senses, definition 7a.)

So…Why was it always a success?

Because they danced to keep away rain?

Because it always started raining somewhere in the world.

Granted, it could be 3000 miles away…

[sleazy political spin-doctor] It was a qualified sucess. Let me explain: the rain dance is merely a proceedure that improves the probability of impending precipitation. After all, The Great Spirit is the final arbiter deciding whether it will, in fact, rain or not… the rain dance merely presents to Him a request from the tribe, for liquid diyrogen oxide to descend from the atmosphere in a relatively short time period, not a demand to TGS! One does not demand that TGS do anything, lest one find oneself on the sharp end of a VERY long multi-dimensional spear! One requests precipitation via the rain dance; and does so politely and respectfully.

Now, today’s rain dance did not, in fact, result in any rain… that’s the way it goes! Why TGS did not resond favorably to our request is a matter for speculation. I cannot answer that question with any certainty. We have been placing calls to TGS’s office all morning, but his secretary insists that He is not in at the moment, but will return our calls at a later time…

I have conflicting information on this from sources that I am not at liberty to reveal at this time. One source claims to possess information that TGS had a doctor’s appointment this morning… so it is possible that we saw no rain today because TGS was at the podiatrist’s ofice, and missed the dance. Another, more credible in my opinion, source insists that TGS was, in fact, offended by Rue in some manner (how, I cannot say… but I learned that it may or may not have something to do with an old VW Beetle, an albino rhino, and some unspecified leather gear. Please do not speculate about this in the public press, as none of it is verifiable at this time.)

So, although today’s rain dance did not, in fact, produce any measureable amounts of precipitation, it WAS a success! We gathered together, chanted and danced… and no one was hurt! (well, except for the fist fight… but I think we can safely attribute that to the fire-water! And the doctors assure me that my eye will heal nicely, thank you!)

Next question, please![/SPSD]