How do you do a Rain Dance?

All of the second-rate movies I’ve seen theres always a medicine man who can do a rain dance to bring water from the heavens. But what exactly IS a rain dance and how could I preform one if I want to post pone my soccer game with Lancaster High? And what are the sucess rates?


How do I do a rain dance?

I put my left foot in
I pull my left foot out
I put the left foot in
and I shake it all about.

Rate of sucess: 70%

the secret I only get drunk enough to preform such a idiotic stunt after checking the weather forcast.

I sucess rate would be higher if the weatherman here were more on the ball.

You might be best making yourself sick to skip out of the game.

Best of luck to ya

Sorry, I can only help you with the Sundance, the Moondance and the Macarena.