Rain forests north of equator

How many for real rain forests (150 inches or more) exist north of the equator other than the Olympic Rain Forest in the State of Washington?

Temperate Rainforests.

:confused: What has temperate got to do with hemisphere? You do realise that there are temperate zones in both hemisphere’s, right?

Anyway, to address the OP, there are (or were) extensive rainforests in Central America, Indochina, India and South East Asia, to name the more obvious places in the northern hemisphere. Africa is the only place in the Northern Hemisphere where there seems to be any dearth of rainforest.

And wherever did you get the idea that “real” rainforest needs 4000mm of rainfall a year? By that standard practically none of the Amazon bason is is real rainforest

Much of the Congo rainforest is above the equator. Here is a map of tropical wet forests (no idea if it corresponds with your idea of a rainforest.)

And you do realise that the linked article actually lists many in the Northern Hemisphere, as per the OP request, right? Maybe you should have checked before snarking.

The article on rainforest lists even more. So what’s you point. Maybe you should have thought before snarking.

Pity it was not the one linked to in this thread.

I have 2. One is that Duckster´s cite actually went a ways towards answering the OP question, something your :confused: emoticon and sarcastic “you do realise…” seems to indicate you disagreed with. The second point…I cannot make outside the Pit

I thought long and hard.

Sure you did. You came into a thread with absolutely no contribution to make aside form a snark at me. I bet you thought long and hard.

Anyway I have an actual life to live, so I’ll let you have your little victory. Enjoy.:rolleyes:

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Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hoh_Rain_Forest

Hence, my initial post in this thread.

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rainforest

Fair enough.