Rain-X Detects Hydrogen

So were the guys just playing around in the lab when they discovered this?

Rain-X sucks. Aquapel is the stuff to use.

I have used both, and I haven’t noticed much of a difference, except I liked the Aquapel applicator better. Maybe I wasn’t paying close enough attention, but what difference(s) did you notice?

I like rain-x, and have never heard about this aquapel. What’s the difference with the applicator and/or product?

Rain-X is a silicone-based product, Aquapel is a fluoropolymer.

I have found that Aquapel lasts significantly longer than Rain-X (the packaging says six times longer, and that seems like a reasonable estime). It also will not destroy your wipers or start streaking as it wears off. In my experience it does a better job of repelling water.

The applicator is a six-inch white pad in a plastic case. When you’re ready to apply it, you squeeze the “wings” on the case, which breaks a container inside it and soaks the pad with the product. You then wipe it on and buff it off.

Rain-X is f’n brilliant. I used to have this old Bonneville and I had to coat my windshield one time when my wipers broke and I was an hour from home. It rained pretty hard and I was on the interstate and that stuff really worked. Plus, I had no trouble applying it myself.

I use the Rain-X wiper fluid. Pour a gallon in the reservoir once a year or so, and just squirt the wiper fluid when I need a new dose. Love it!