Raised by a pack of French poodles - Is Jessica Simpson just acting clueless or not?

Raised by a pack of French poodles - Jessica Simpson’s mesmerizing brand of dumb Is this gal for real or is this some kind of “dumb like a fox” act? Even if she’s had a record contract since 14, wasn’t there some opportunity to get a bit of worldliness and education since then? Is is that she’s been super sheltered and pampered by her parents or just not quick on the uptake… or what?

Did she actually go to high school? How does formal schooling work for working superstar kids? How do they get an education?

Maybe she was to busy protecting her virginity to worry about such trivial things as ‘an education’.

She said on Letterman that she was wondering if there’s somehow real chicken in Chicken of the Sea, because she doesn’t like fish mostly, so it didn’t make sense that she was liking what she was eating.

So there’s one little explanation.

But mostly, for every smart person, there’s a dumb one, by definition.

Hers seems a very tragic story. Either she really is dumb and doesn’t even realize what an empty, pointless life she is leading, or she is playing dumb to maintain a mediocre level of fame because she can’t think of anything else to do with herself.

My friends and I have taken to referring to her as “Anna Nicole-in-Training”.

I have heard from people in “the industry” that she is assumed to be “slow” and that has helped her because people feel protective of her and believe that by helping her they are not being the greedy bastards they really are.

What does she do on the show, exactly? I haven’t seen it. I’m told she comes off looking good, which doesn’t match the press on the show and comments like this thread at all.

Heh, the “raised by a pack of French poodles” line is a keeper!

She does come off looking good. Hell, she looks great. It isn’t until she opens her mouth that things start to fall apart for her. A whiny, pampered, immature girl with a very tight body - that seems to be her in a nutshell.

Maybe I’m one of the dumb ones, but why is this so? Can’t there be two dumb people to every smart one? Or 200 for that matter?

When we say “smart”, we don’t mean “compared to the dog”. We mean “compared to the median intelligence in humans”. This means that for every “smart” person, there is a corresponding “dumb” one.

I confess that I know nothing about her and have never seen any show she is on, but I spyed a photo of her in Rolling Stone and now I must make sure to avert my eyes if she ever does come on my TV, because I’m likely to hurt myself in an uncontrolled masterbation attack.

Shes so fine, I’d knock Brittney Spears down to get close enough to wipe some rust off the bumper of the truck that takes her pantys to the dry-cleaner.

I think she’s putting on an act at times. Especially the buffalo wings episode. I could absolutely tell that she was playing dumb to get the laughs and to play the “aren’t I just adorable” role!
Yep, a lot of this behavior is put on in my opinion!

“23 is old, 23 is almost 25 that is almost mid-twenties!”
That’s all I have to contribute…:rolleyes:

Shes dumb-cute. The best kind of dumb to be. People won’t stop liking her for being ignorant because shes dumb-cute.


Nick: Can I get a Hummer?
Jessica: What?
Nick: Can I get a Hummer?
Jessica: The car?
Nick: (sly smile) Yes the car.

To quote Karen Walker on Will and Grace: “…as dumb as a bag of hair.”

Unfortunately, poor Jessica isn’t alone. She just got caught being stupid is all. Her publicist is going to keep microphones away from her for a while.

I recall years ago when I was working at a bookstore, special-ordering a Cliff’s Notes for this Valley Girl who was with her mother. She was complaining loudly about how her teacher had (gasp) made her read a book. “I can barely get through my copy of Mademoiselle.”
Oooo. We carved her into ribbons after she left the store.