Raisins are nature's boogers.

And that’s all I really have to say about that.

Please be more specific. I’m not sure what you mean.

If I must.

Like a booger, raisins are dried, disgusting and something you wouldn’t want to get anywhere your mouth. If nature had a nose, that is where the raisin would be found, perhaps dangling from a hair.

Then is it even worth it? Whatever…I like raisins.

If you mean, is it mundane and pointless, then absolutely.

Oh, I totally agree, but other (lesser/greater) mundane and pointless threads have been shut down. Just wondering.

Can you make wine out of raisins? It seems like you’d have to soak them for a while in order to get the juice out of 'em when the pretty Italian girls start stomping. Can you even get raisin juice? I also love raisins, and would be immensely fornd of raisin juice. Especially raisin wine!

Raisin is a pretty cool word too, by the way. If I were a rapper I’d try to work raisin into my stage name.

“I’m the amazin Rappin’ Raisin
my lyrics are plump and brazen…”

Yeah…and I’d be a total punk dissin’ on the puffy-skinned youths leaking juice from the grilles on they go’d toofs. Don’t be comin to my box until you’ve given your last drop … bitches.

Perhaps, but those other threads were but mere shadows of mundane and pointless that this one so happens to epitomize.


They are not mundane in the world of raisin cake making. Spout your anti-raisin nonsense in their company and see how long you last.

Actually, I think raisin wine might look and taste similar to prune juice, but would get you toasted faster than you can say ‘raisin’. And – don’t even get me started on prunes!

Inigo, you never cease to amaze me, homey. :cool:

Sort of. Tokaji (very good sweet dessert wine from Hungary) is made from varying amounts of grapes affected by botrytis (fungus that shrivels grapes on the vine). The higher-quality wine is made with larger proportions of the botritized grapes, and the best is made using only those grapes, so you could consider it “raisin wine”. There’s not a lot of alcohol in it, but there’s a whole lot of sugar.

On another note, if you have a Trader Joe’s nearby, try the Jumbo Raisin Medley. It’s really good.

When I was a kid, I felt that boogers were nature’s raisins.

And when I was a kid, sometimes I’d be able to get two scoops!

Natures boogers taste better than mine.

We’ll have to conduct a double-blind taste-test consisting of at least 100 Dopers, just to be sure.



And the award for best raisin line in a movie goes to:

Actually, you can’t go anywhere these days without some douche thinking it’s a good idea to stick raisins in something. They’re in my cereal; granola; salads; cookies; ice cream; fucking meat! Some freak somewhere, right now – right this very instant – is toying with the idea of putting raisins in spaghetti. And he’ll do it too. Oh yes, he’ll fucking do it.

No sir. Raisins are good and yummy. Direct your ire where it belongs: sweet pickles.