Rally to Restore Sanity/Keep Fear Alive watch along thread

Coverage of the Rally starts at 12:00 EDT (11:00 AM CDT) on Comedy Central. Don’t know if the cable news networks will cover it, but I thought it might be worthwhile to have a live thread going for comments as it goes on. Less than an hour now.

I don’t have cable but I’ll be keeping an eye on this thread.

You don’t need cable. They’re also covering it online.

Looks like they’re starting a little early on the online stream.

How long 'til we get a full crowd shot?

Looks like it may be a decent crowd.

I’m leaving the house in a few minutes to go, but traffic was heavier on 395 and I’ve seen groups of people walking with signs in the direction of the mall. I’m expecting a decent crowd.

A modern Black group with a tuba? I am so out of the popular music scene.

I have to go out pretty soon. Got a family thing to go to.

I can’t even hear the tuba.

The Roots are rockin!

No cable and dial-up internet.
I’m such a loser.

Seems to be a sousaphone. (Maybe that’s why?)

That doesn’t make you a loser.

Wow, I am not a fan of The Roots.

It’s just noise to me.

Anyone else having trouble with the live-streaming coverage? I can’t get connected to it on either cnn or comedy central.

Yeah I think it is a sousaphone. Still can’t hear it. That might be my TV. I just have a little portable in my office where my computer is. It probably doesn’t have any decent bass. I’ll try the online stream, I think my computer actually has better sound.

Sounds pretty progressive for a river hippie. :slight_smile:

Yes, the computer sound is much better. The sousaphone (or tuba or whatever) is coming through load and clear.

Cool. -I couldn’t pick it out from the tv sound either. And wouldn’t have known it was a sousaphone if not for my band geek wife!