Ralph Nader...Seriously, STFU!

Well here’s the quote:

Seriously, Ralph, you attention-whoring, egomaniac, just


How is it someone who proclaims to be so progressive can be playing racial politics like this? ALso, do a little research, Obama has talked about these things, but you know what he realizes something that maybe you don’t. Most issues aren’t black and white issues, they are people issues, the War in Iraq, gasoline prices, foreclosures, government eroding away of our civil liberties, International Relations. Your idiotic ramblings are exactly what he wants to get beyond. No he hasn’t forgotten, his “blackness”, but he isn’t married to the old paradigms of what it has to mean to be black in this country.

So how about you just


Wait a minute! Obama’s half African-American? :eek:

Provide a link to quote please, so we can read it in full context if so desired.


Sounds spot on to me. Care to give some reasons why Nader is incorrect?

You misunderstand Nader’s motives. He couldn’t care less about any political platform. His goal is to hurt the Democratic Party in Presidential races. Nader ran for the Democratic nomination in 1992 and lost. Since then he’s spend his life trying to punish the Democrats for rejecting him. The Republicans fund his campaigns because it helps them.

After Nader cost Gore the election in 2000, he was smiling and telling his campaign workers that it had been a victory. Even his own supporters were shocked to realize that Nader regarded defeating Gore as a victory.

Obama on Payday Loans

Obama on predatory lending

Obama on lead

Well, first of all, he’s talking about Obama and his pandering to white issues as him doing something to please people that aren’t like him. Yet, he also gleefully points out that Obama is half-black (which means the other part of him is half-white!)

Basically, it pisses me off because Obama is being pegged as “the outsider” because he’s biracial and articles constantly say any favoritism he might show for one race over the other is his attempt to “join” that race.

Bullshit. Obama doesn’t need to push “white issues” to appear “non-threatening” to whites. He is white. But he’s also black, and that pisses a bunch of people off (including Ralph Nader it seems).

He’s a half Half & Half and half decaf African Amereecan.


Thank you, kind sir, thank you from the bottom of my persnickety heart for using “couldn’t” rather than “could” in that phrase.


Not that I like Nader at all, but that’s a pretty hefty charge to just toss out there.

Meanwhile, I anxiously await Nader’s criticism of Hilary Clinton for “acting like a dude” to appeal to voters…

It’s the pantsuits, they can throw you if you’re not paying attention.

Well, that and the Adam’s apple.

Oh, and I agree with the OP, not for any other reason than I just don’t like Nader and his squirrely nanny-state-wanting ass.

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It’s pretty well known. At best, he’s so fanatic/self indulgent that he’s undercutting his own side; at worst, he’s a knowing tool of the Republicans who only pretends to support the left.

While listening to this today, I was waiting for him to ask why John McCain wasn’t speaking on any of these issues – unless he’s okay with McCain only speaking to so-called white isses.

Or he’s trying to fuck with the Democratic Party’s chance, like another poster said above.

Obama is half African.



It’s very simple: Ralph Nader is a troll.

Like all of our favorite internet trolls, Nader says things that are mostly, but not entirely, ridiculous to get people to notice and react to them. He gets a big boost to his ego when people react to them, and who cares how disruptive they are.

Before the 2000 election, I could see that he just possibly may have believed that Gore and Bush were both so beholden to corporate and governmental interests that there was little difference between from his highly liberal point of view (somewhere around the perspective of Fidel Castro, though he believes himself to be mainstream). However after the past eight years of the Bush administration compared to any possible Democratic adminstration that Gore might possibly have occured, for him to repeat that there is no difference between the big party candidates is simply psychopathic.

(Isn’t the ellipsis a wonderful thing?)

Repeating the same actions expecting a different result?

Stating as factual what simply isn’t true?

Not having a clue of what one’s own actions do to others?

Misplaced priorities?

:eek: I think we may be on to something.

Do you have a link to the story about Nader’s reaction to the Gore defeat? I’d like to file it away.

Nope; it was Little Nemo talking about that, not me.